Monday, April 1, 2013

The Rainskirt

Rain Skirt (water-resistant taffeta), 2013
The idea of making the skirt gestated for three years. Then, as though the idea had occurred in a moment, three weeks ago began to drape it.

Used rainwear fabric. That is what was on hand. Heavy materials such as marble may be carved to look light and soft. Fabric that is inherently light and soft may be woven and draped to appear structured and crisp. Describing what it is like to wear a garment--to feel the material, to hear its rustle or silence, to be surrounded by it--requires many words. Yet it is simple. There are deep pleats. A fitted waist. It has a percussive rustle. A rainskirt for a ball. Or Brooklyn.

A bird is preening on a branch of the tree outside the window as I write. His colorful tail feathers are fanned out as he attends to them. Very much consider how to make garments that are beautiful and functional like birds' feathers. More advanced technology for textiles! Imagine a fabric that would adjust to the climate, allowing one to be perfectly warm or cool without heating an entire house or running an air conditioner. Beauty and function- a union to be sought in garment design.