The Conscientious Consumer

Discover how hats are made. Learn what to look for to determine the quality of a hat.

How do you tell whether the bed linens you are buying are well made?
In this video Verysweetlife shows you details to consider.


How to Sew a Patch

One method of making a patch is to stitch it to the inside of a garment.
It looks more subtle than a patch sewn to the outside.

How to Add Length to a Pattern

In this video Verysweetlife demonstrates how to lengthen a sewing pattern piece.
Want to learn how? Just watch. You'll catch on. Enjoy!

How to Make a Ruffle

Learn how to sew a ruffle. Ruffles provide trim for pillows, bedding, dresses, and what happened to those '70's prom shirts? Bring back the ruffle, guys!

How to Use Tailor Tacks to Mark Fabric

Verysweetlife's guide to sewing tailor tacks to mark fabric. It's a favorite technique!

From Grist TV about Fixer's Collective. (Am interviewed here.)

From CNN about Fixer's Collective (Am interviewed here.)

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