Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ersatz Fur Hat

Ersatz Fur Hat, 2013
Smartphone photo, alas. Hoping graininess works with the Edwardian vibe.
Tend to favor wide brimmed hats. It has been a blustery winter, however, when a strong gust of wind will cause a lightweight wide brimmmed hat to take flight and become an urban tumbleweed rolling along the pavement. Have sprinted! Hat pins? On a windy day the pinned part of the hat remains anchored as the rest bobs up and down. After a truck generously slowed down to avoid the renegade hat that had blown into the street, I bowed to the driver and began designing a winter hat.

Thought about how to engineer the brim while walking home, riding the subway, etc. The material is fairly heavy so it needed to have support. There were experiments (many)! The hat is warm, able to withstand moderate gusts of wind and turns out to be a good meeting hat--folks initiate conversations. I quite like that!

It's an Edwardian hat. Also Cookie Monsterish.

The brim is shaped with a wire (secured by hand).