Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happiness, a Renewable Resource

Gazelle Neck: Cotton Thermal Jersey, 2012
(with in-process dress draped beneath)
It has been four years since I've bought clothing.* Deprivation? Hardly. Happiness!

At a holiday party a friend spoke about her two year old's love of  sweeping (using a child-size broom). "She likes it better than playing with any of her toys," she marveled. There is joy in self-reliance for both the toddler using a broom to help sweep and the grown-up dressing in garments she makes.

The decision to make what I wear rather than to purchase clothing happened in an an instant, without premeditation. There was hardly any intention of it becoming a lifestyle! 

Why continue? Has avoiding shopping made me happy? Nah, that's not it. It's the practice that evolved from that decision: the devotion to making and autonomy. That generates happiness which fuels this endeavor!

(With the pattern for the gazelle neck top made another version in cotton thermal. A pair of love birds nestles above the hem.)

*socks aside