Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gazelle Neck Blouse

High Neck Blouse: cotton lace knit, 2012
Here's to a revolution in terminology: Gazelle neck? Yes! (With all due respect to turtles.)

To make a blouse with a Victorian high collar began with a previously drafted pattern for a blouse with a yoke. Replaced the yoke in the pattern and raised the scoop neckline to accommodate the collar. The fabric is a knitted cotton lace which doesn't stretch. Therefore, the collar required an opening. (Were it a stretch knit it could be pulled on.) Sorting through a small stash of buttons found an imitation mother of pearl shank button and three small flat buttons for the back closure.

Hum, 5" is a very high collar! It is perhaps more giraffe than gazelle. Modified the pattern, lowering it to 4".  (Photograph shows the 5" version.) 

Detail: fabric

Detail: back buttons