Thursday, September 27, 2012

Girdles and Bras

Lingerie Shop with a Bra Repair Service 

Am designing a dress that skims the body at the hips. It might be an opportune occasion to branch out and make a girdle. Before doing so, I'm learning more about their design, materials and construction. At a local lingerie shop the owner insisted adamantly, "They aren't called 'girdles' any more."

Went to Borough Park, Brooklyn where a girdle is still a girdle. In a corner of a lingerie shop that I visited a seamstress sat at a sewing table using an industrial sewing machine. A pile of bras was draped on the table. Each had a manila tag tied to it specifying the repairs or alterations to be made. As a job was completed the bra went into a black plastic bag, its handles were knotted together and the repair tag attached.