Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kindergartner All Grown Up

Linen Shift with Belt (leather & metal), 2012

At age five dressing myself for kindergarten one morning, hesitated to change out of a buttercup yellow, lace trimmed nightgown with an aura of prettiness, into school clothes. Considered: "It looks like a long dress, doesn't it? I could, couldn't I?"

Wore the nightgown to school, triumphantly confessing to a schoolmate: "It's really my nightgown!"

The memory emerged this summer in Lithuania when Agne and her sister-in-law were surprised that the linen shift made while staying with them was intended as a nightgown. "It's too nice! Wear it as a dress." Hum...

To transform it sewed a deep hem and made a contour belt from a design that had been on the drawing board. It's like a "wrinkle in time", a kindergartner gleefully in cahoots with the grownup she's become.