Friday, June 22, 2012

Lithuania, Back from the Countryside

Friends in Lithuania say it is known as "The Land of Rain". It might be "The Land of Bread" (incredibly dense and flavorful). 

Was in the countryside in Lithuania, arriving back in Brooklyn this week. 

Countryside in LIthuania, June 2012
Brought home some dark, dark bread bought at an outdoor market where it was sold by weight. It's impressively heavy. 

Had e-mailed hosts prior to my arrival to ask whether there was a sewing machine available to use during the visit. This was greeted as a normal question. (And answered in the affirmative!)

During the visit shared sewing skills and made a pair of maternity pants for the wife of my host. 

Working by draping and taking measurements, without a paper pattern, constructed a linen shift. Wore it yesterday with a belt and heels in Brooklyn, but in the countryside Lithuania the scene is utterly different.

Linen, 2012

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