Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Detail of Sewn Muslin: Draped Jacket
Draping a jacket with princess seams. (There must be a better word. Am allergic to writing "princess" seam and always abbreviate it.) The sleeve has a small raised cap with gathers. The collar is a mandarin, however, after draping the collar and sewing the muslin sample (photo) decided against the rigidly classic shape. Light lines on the front indicate the planned collar modification and pins along the princess  seam (ugh) indicate another adjustment (1/4"). An experiment: might cut  the fabric without retesting this alteration. Perhaps idiotic. Considering the mechanics/outcome.

The French word "moulage" literally means "molding". In fashion-speak it translates as "draping". Molding the drape of the material is the process. There's plenty of pinning too. And marking. Lots o' marking.

Yearn to incorporate two disparate aspects: the decorative and functional.

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