Saturday, October 1, 2011

Custom Wide Brim Hat

Wide Brim Hat, 2011
Spent the better part of last week making a custom wide brim hat. Part of the time was spent sewing, however, most was devoted to the design process--experimenting with the depth of the crown, altering its curve and adjusting brim width proportionally.
The burgundy material glistens in relation to light, transforming the hat's appearance. A hidden drawstring in the crown lining makes the size adjustable to accommodate wearing one's hair up or down. (Women's hats, unlike those made for men, are often "one size". Before I began making hats for myself the only hats that ever seemed to fit well were men's hats!) With a light twist the brim sweeps up to the left or right.

The woman for whom this hat was designed was wonderful to work with! Love fest.

Flipped Brim