Saturday, June 25, 2011

After Drafting a Pattern, the Muslin

Detail: Curved Side Gusset with Sleeve, 2011
A seersucker version of the vintage linen gown is complete. (Wearing it now!) An arrow in the upper right of the photograph illustrates the point where the front panel, the side panel and sleeve meet. (See the previous post analyzing the construction of the vintage gown upon which this pattern is based.)

The seersucker is in place of a muslin trial.  Made a few changes: added a shoulder seam rather than drape the fabric from hem to hem; sewed a front placket, making a v-neck rather than a completely round neckline. Otherwise the design echos the original. Am continuing to alter the pattern a bit, and considering how the sleeves might be enhanced while remaining faithful to the original.
Detail: Neckline 

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