Friday, June 17, 2011

Design Sketch in Process

Sketches for  Loose Fitting  Dress
A design inspired by a hand sewn vintage linen nightgown. It is simple and remarkable.

Design of the original gown:
• A rectangular panel of cloth, which drapes over the shoulders, runs from the hem of the front to the hem of the back.
• A space for the head is made by eliminating an oval shape at the center. The oval is flatter in back, curved in front, reflecting the shape of the skull.
• The front and back are joined at the sides by a triangular gusset. It is divided at the top into a U-shape. The sleeve nestles  inside the U.

    The stitches are the size of tiny seeds. And like a planted row, spaced evenly. Am full of respect.

    Sleeve Insertion
    Gusset at Side

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