Monday, January 17, 2011

Machine Fix

Green Arrow: Tension Dial; Blue Arrows: Screws
For awhile the tension on this machine has been out of commission. Winding the thread around the bobbin screw is an imperfect fix. Figured the spring that puts pressure on the tension disks might be the culprit. Today took the machine apart to find out.

After unscrewing four screws, removed the tension assemblyIt looked fine. The tension is as faulty as ever, but now I know what is wrong I think. Will take it apart once more and see...

Setting Tension: By turning the tension dial on a sewing machine the coils of the spring are compressed. (Ignore the number facing the camera; in actuality the highest tension corresponds to the highest number on the dial and the loosest tension is zero.)
Tension Assembly: Highest Tension
Tension Assembly: Lowest Tension,

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