Monday, August 10, 2020

Magnificent Mile/Cabrini Green/Life on Oak Street in Chicago 1990s

Swingset, Cabrini Green Playground, Oak Street  


One Magnificent Mile Apartment Towers, Oak Street


I briefly lived in Chicago in the early 1990's. I was unfamiliar with the city and walked all over exploring.

Cabrini Green Playground, Oak Street

Here are some of the photographs I took documenting Oak Street, the only street I photographed in this manner. It stretches from Lake Shore Drive where it housed some of the toniest shops in Chicago to Cabrini Green, a housing project that was later demolished. The disparities were striking. Between them, as though nothing else could bridge the severe divide, was an abandoned lot with wild grasses and flowers and a collection of refuse.

I've wanted to share these images for a long while. Reading about Oak Street in the news I post them now.

Out on the Town, Oak Street
Jumping Rope, Oak Street

Rodier Paris Valet, Oak Street

Corner of Oak Street 

Side of Building. South Oak Street, Chicago.
Side of Building, Cabrini Green Neighborhood, Oak Street

Two Mannequins in Window, Oak Street

Doctor's Office, Oak Street

Sidewalk Café, Oak Street

Northern Trust Bank, Oak Street

Between Cabrini Green and Magnificent Mile

Oak Street Divide

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