Monday, June 5, 2017


Lozenge Tins Hold Beading Supplies, 2017
Have been making leather tassels beading the neck of each one. Initially I wrapped the neck of the tassel. On an impulse I used beads for the next tassel. And the next.

A car's alarm is braying in the street where I have a studio. It's protesting being hitched to a municipal tow truck. On a block with a middle school and a high school, daytime parking is mostly limited to cars with education department permits. This regulation is posted on signs positioned next to trees that are now in full foliage. Parking regulations in leafy camouflage ensnare many a vehicle. I hardly intended to write about this; it's difficult to focus while a car alarm sounds.

Cutting and Assembling a Tassel, 2017
Tassels--entrancing to make and soothing to hold. Good thing...

3 Tassels, 2017
(suede, leather, beads)

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