Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March New York

Protester with Lady Liberty: Women's March NYC 2017
It was unlike any protest or parade I've known. Others expressed the same. The streets were designated for the marchers, the sidewalks for spectators and pedestrians. But everyone was marching, filling the sidewalks and the street. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. It was peaceful, united, as diverse as anything I’ve seen in New York which is already a fantastically diverse city. Children, people marching on foot and in wheelchairs, women wearing hijabs, a man in a tallit, the full gender spectrum and humans with ancestry from all places on the planet. In short: the human race.

Because leading up to the Women's March there had been an emphasis on making signs to carry, messages were on constant parade, a visual roar. All their humor, ferocity, frustration, anger and love funnel into a power-fist raised for humanity and liberty. Marching was like walking in sunlight though it was mostly a cloudy day.

The outcome of the election feels unreal. Today light radiated. It dispelled the dark fog that had dispersed into the hushed streets in the days following election and has kept the mood sombre for months. More light, even. Organizing is happening. It has been taking place since November. Anytime I'm working and get "in my head" too much I go outdoors quickly to move my body and interact with others, putting some air and light between myself and my thoughts. The Women's March brought us out into the open and let us see each other and breathe together.

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