Monday, January 25, 2016

Digital and Analog: Making a Website and a Tee

Wool Fedora, Cotton Ribbed Tee,
Stretch Wool Leggings, Fleece Scarf
Photo: Robert Lucy, 2016
Have been building a website to encompass the entirety of this project. (View it here.) Working on the website took me away from sewing for awhile. Returning to the sewing machine recently to make a tee shirt brought such a harmonious, buoyant feeling.

The left brain/right brain dichotomy is a useful way to consider the pleasure of making. If the right hemisphere of the brain pertains to creativity and the left to logic, the process of making--sewing, carpentry, etc.--engages both hemispheres. No amount of writing, collecting and organizing photos to build a website activates the psyche as sewing does.

Making is nourishing.

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