Monday, June 15, 2015

There's A Señorita

Señorita Dress (in process), 2015
Took this photo midway through draping a dress to wear to an art benefit. (Contributed a hat to the benefit.) The dress is ankle length with three tiers of fabric. The sleeves end in wide stretch lace cuffs. I replaced the grey silk rose seen in the photo with a smaller version I made with the shimmery black dress fabric. Had to design and complete the dress rather quickly. After wearing the dress to the benefit (photo below) spent two days finishing details on the interior and reinforcing the handstitched seams!

Then on a warm summer evening last week, when the sun had set so gradually that at 9 pm there was still faint light in the sky, I was again wearing the dress, walking along the neighborhood’s thoroughfare. A little girl playing with her sister on the sidewalk giddily exclaimed as I approached, “There’s a señorita!!”

“Is it my hat?" I asked, "Or the dress with all these layers?” I had paired the dress with black hat I'd made which has a distinctly Seville shape--a wide horizontal brim, straight-sided crown and flat top.

With 4 year’s old exuberance--arms raised, bouncing on her feet she explained: she and her sister (the relatively rooted companion standing next to her) were playing a game... "There was a señorita..."

It was difficult to gather the exact details from the excitedly and choppily told story. The girls' father, overseeing and enjoying their activity remarked that the timing was serendipitous. How much fun to enter the scene becoming "a señorita" in her imagination!

At the benefit a stylish woman chose the hat I'd made. I was so happy she chose it. May it bring her pleasure.
Photo: Miska Draskoczy


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