Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bedding and Its Descendants

Duvet Cover: cotton, 2013

Tugged on the duvet cover to bring the duvet's warmth up to ear-level on a recent chilly evening. Heard a distinct sound--the rapid buzz of fibers giving way.

Made a new cover (photo, above) cutting panels of fabric for a snug fit. A friend has observed that having a cover that is slightly tight prevents a duvet from shifting and bunching. This is decidedly true.

Tears and holes are patchable until the surrounding fibers are too weak to support a patch. Then large pieces of fabric are divided into smaller ones using the strongest pieces for new projects. It's an organic progression. A calico sheet became the lining of a hat and a pair of pajamas. After awhile the pajamas began to wear out. The fabric is now becoming part of rug.

Random details:
A curtain rod with fabric draped across it serves as a headboard. (The bed looks mighty small from this perspective!) The pair of pillow cases were made, gosh, a long while ago. The afghan was inherited from a grandmother. Never saw her with a crochet hook; unsure where it originated.

Lilies are on the nightstand. As lily blossoms begin to wither they emit a concentrated fragrance that swirls about. It's an incredible sensory moment before they entirely fade.