Friday, December 16, 2011

Travels with Needle and Thread

The good folks over at Brooklyn Brainery have a wonderful space. Join me for Garment Maintenance for Guys on Monday, December 17th. Learn how to sew buttons on shirts and coats with the skills of a tailor.

Last night was at Fixer's Collective where a woman brought in a leather handbag she'd found. It was torn along one seam. Got her started with a whip stitch (a stitch that winds over a seam on the outside like the stripes on a barber shop pole). Then she took over with gusto! An inherent aspect of Fixer's Collective is that while "master fixers" are on hand to help figure out how to do repairs and mends, much of the work is done by the person who brings in their object. She was beaming when she left with a newly repaired bag!