Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Subway Stitching

     Using seam ripper on the subway, 2011  
The jacket is almost completed. Buttons today. (That means buttonholes--ah, precision measuring required.) Next time ought to photograph the process. It's been a month! 

Was in a conversation recently with a man who makes shoes. He makes many versions of the same design. He said he was unable to understand anyone who made a few of something and moved on. Hum. To him, perfecting something is done through making many. To me, the learning that happens with one project is carried on to the next design. It's a continuum of a different sort. That said, I generally make several of each design, however, am quick to move on to anything else the weather, occasion or imagination suggests.

Decided to hand stitch the jacket hem. Had previously machine sewn the sleeve hem which then had to be reworked. On the subway yesterday en route to the garment district to choose buttons, unstitched sleeve hems and began sewing them using a catch stitch. [Will photograph to illustrate. It's like music to sew this stitch; all balance and rhythm.] Here's the subway setting! Genius to be able to commute and read or sew.

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