Friday, August 5, 2011

Kilt and Sporran?

Pouch: wool with cotton lining, 2011

(Skirt: cotton; Belt: leather, metal buckle)
Small pieces of fabric, too tiny for garments are gathered in a cardboard shoebox. Treasured pieces, some hardly more than an inch wide.

A square of black, white and maroon wool plaid had a destiny! Sewed it into pouch/coin purse and lined it with maroon cotton batiste (from the shoebox).

Carried the pouch in a shoulder bag, filled with a little cash, a metrocard and a bank card. Then an idea: belt loops. Slid the pouch onto a belt, et voilĂ , a quasi kilt and sporran!

   Pouch: cotton, 2011

Also sewn from the stash of fabrics: white stars on navy with cornflower blue pinstripe lining. 


  1. saw the piece in the NY TImes. Good for you! I've made my clothes, quilts, curtains, etc for years. It's well worth the effort to get good quality, not to mention the money saved. Good luck with making a living with your sewing. I'll be reading your blog.

  2. Hi--I just read the article on you in the nytimes. Fabulous!! I really love what you are doing and admire you for doing it. Your work is beautiful. best, Frances


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