Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meta Sewing

Wide Brim Sunhat: Topstitching, 2011
...a little behind in photographing projects.

Meanwhile, a meta-seamster moment: Mending a dress I made a few years ago there's a second layer of intimacy with what I've sewn, deepening the endeavor.

Winter hats are put aside. Making a wide brim hat to provide shade. Rows of topstitching around the circumference of the brim will make it more rigid. Guiding the fabric in a slowly curving arc under the needle, spiraling the brim as it is to be sewn, a mechanical rhythm develops. Dusk. The room gradually darkens. The yellow incandescent light of the machine becomes the only source of illumination. "Stop. Turn on the room light," dictates logic. But I keep sewing a little longer without interrupting the rhythm.

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