Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Gingham

(detail: Lace)
(Camisole: Cotton with cotton lace, 2010)

How does one describe the strength of wearing what one has made? It must be the same confidence-building sensation a child feels knowing "I did it myself"!

Begun last summer, the homemade wardrobe consisted fundamentally of three dresses, essentially the same design re-worked in different fabrics with variations (longer/shorter, with pockets, etc.). This hot summer, a camisole blouse. An initial sample used a worn white cotton sheet. The latest version (above) is gingham with cotton lace trim.

(On feet: shoes made by tracing the foot and figuring out how shoes are built. It took several attempts and there remains an issue of getting a solid sole on these. For now they are strictly indoor a footwear. According to a local cobbler, soles require glue that can adhere foot-bed fabric to the [leather or rubber] sole. This might be the next step to making everything, although it is a little daunting.

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