Sunday, September 27, 2009

Orchid Wool

Fall covering; Wool jersey.
1920's Romper; Cotton/lycra., 2009)
On a hanger this sweater was difficult to photograph. Here the front draping is more obvious. The material is a cashmere-like, delicate wool knit. After making the first version in black (below), the sleeve pattern was altered to create more fitted sleeves. When it was chilly a couple nights ago layering the two sweaters worked well, providing warmth.

The dress underneath was sewn a month ago. Both the dress and sweater use knitted fabric. To some degree it is a different process to sew knits than to work with woven fabrics. I use zigzag stitches a lot for knits, trying out variations for different materials.

Fall Covering; Wool knit, 2009

Update: A year later, the possibility of placing the sweater on a dress form! 

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